Saturday, December 31, 2016

When to Play in Online Casinos

      So, now that we know how we're supposed to play in online casinos, we need to know to when to play. Again, I have spent countless hours playing in online casinos. I have played on every single day of the week and at every time of the day. My conclusion after all of this time spent is that the weekend offers the most potential for big profits. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Online casinos do most of their business on the weekends and with all of the action going on, you can bet they are taking in profits. If the casino is making big profits then it's more likely they will give a little back in the form of jackpots and big winners. I have without question won most of my money in online casinos playing on the weekends.

      When playing on the weekends any time of day will do. However, if you want to play during the week then you are going to want to play at very specific times. Because most of a casinos traffic will come from americans, you'll want to play during the prime time for american traffic. This happens to be between 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. american central time. This is when everyone is home from work and ready to entertain themselves. Give it a try and you will see.

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      Now, if you're like me and anytime of the day is good for you to play, then you will want to keep some things in mind. If you are going to play during a non prime time, you are going to want to stick with playing certain machines. It has been my experience that during these off beat times the best thing to do is play the smaller denomination machines. I have been destroyed by playing $1 and $5 machines during these times. It sucks but it seems the only thing that pays out are the nickel machines. That's o.k. though because you can still hit a jackpot or progressive on the nickels and that will certainly make your day.

      Playing the nickel machines is probably the best way to start off. It is a great way to test things out and get a feel for what I am trying to tell you without breaking the bank. The nickel machines in general are much looser than the other denominations for obvious reasons. I would look at the nickel machines as sort of your primary education. If you can't make the nickels profitable then you have no business trying larger denominations. If you can get the feel and make the nickels your bitch, then you'll be ready to earn your masters on the big machines.

      I hope that some of you can make use out of the information that I'm dispensing here and hit some jackpots. Jackpots after all are the only true way to make money at online casinos. Like I said in an earlier post, you can grind away for a couple of bucks here and there, but in the end you're just looking to extend your playing time. Extending your playing time will increase your chances of winningthe big one and afterall isn't that what all true gamers are really after?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Online Casinos Glitch - Quit At Precisely The Right Time

Dear Fellow Gambling Degenerates,

      A few of you, to my surprise, have requested I post part 2 of   my online casino glitch story. Being the accommodating girl that I am, I have decided to satiate you fellows. (Satiate is my word of the day and I hope I used it correctly? Please let me know if I didn't:))
    Anyway, as I mentioned before I have spent many a   late night and early morning playing in online casinos. This as led me to discover what I believe to be Online Casino Glitches. Back in the day the bonus hunting was good and I would bounce around many a venue exploiting their generous offers. As you can imagine, with that amount of playing time and with my mind being the analytical sort, I picked up on a few patterns that seemed to frequent to be a coincidence. 
      On top of my conclusion that online casino software looks for and subsequently deals with what it thinks are robotic players, there was something else that I seemed to notice over time. Each Individual session seemed to have at least one point where you would be ahead of the game. 
      It's like this. If you freshly logged in with cleared cookies and a cleared history with X amount of dollars, then at some point in that session you would be x dollars +  any amount. I noticed time and time again after a losing session that if I had just stopped at a certain point in the game I would have been ahead. "O.K. great, so I can make .10 cents and quit? So what right?" is what I thought to myself at the time. However with each passing day and with each new session I started to see the same thing over and over. 

    My mind naturally started to think about the possibilities and started to test some things out. Sure enough, that as I would log out clear cookies and log back in, I would usually but not always have a point in that session where I was ahead. In the sessions where I wouldn't get ahead, there was always a point where I would rally back to get close to even. On average I was able to have a winning session about 3 out of 4 times. If you can have 3 sessions where you win just 1 unit each and then 1 losing session where you lose just 1 unit your making money. The trick is knowing when to stop on both the winning and losing sessions. On a winning session you must never go below what you started the session with. If you start with $100 and get to any amount over that $100 you should keep playing as long as the next bet doesn't put you below the initial $100. The losing sessions are trickier because you have to gauge your comebacks. All I will say on this is that with practice you will start to see when a good time to stop is. 
      O.K. so you're probably thinking that if all of these things work like I say they do then I must have made a fortune by now right? Well, yes and no. You see it takes an incredible amount of discipline to recognize and execute all of the things that I have been talking about. It also requires a lot of time and patience for what sometimes is a very small profit. 
      Sadly for me none of these traits are strengths of mine, and therefore I seldom put in the "Grind" neccessary to make this work. I usually start off with this method doing really well, but eventually succumb to my impatience. I'll be up maybe 40 or 50 bucks using this method and then a session will hit where I get either too pissed off or too lazy to refresh cookies. I will then proceed to lose all my profits by "playing to fast" not "staggering the time between bets" and "Not refreshing cookies". You know, all of the things that I told you to do to improve your chances? :((
      O.K. so I have shared somethings that I believe to be small little glitches in online casino software. I know from personal experience that they can work with patience and discipline. If you are willing to do "The Grind" and stay tough during the process then I'm sure you'll find my advice useful. 

Good Luck, Lisa H.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Online Casino Glitch Theory

       O.K. to be clear this isn't some sort of a cheat that's going to make the slot machines drop out cash and it's not going to change your balance from a dollar to a million dollars. What it will do if executed properly is keep online casinos from pulling the "Lose Switch" on you, thereby giving you a better chance of hitting a jackpot. You see, it is my opinion based on thousands of hours of play and observation that there is a Glitch In Online Casino Software. I believe that online casinos have a flagging system for recognizing automatic play or robots and that you need to play in a certain way to avoid being flagged. You might be thinking to yourself right now "why would I be flagged for automatic play if  I'm not using some sort of an automatic system?" The answer is that because online casinos have to be ultra careful with all of the hackers and cheats that exist in today's online world, you may get flagged mistakenly. Yes that's right! I believe if your style of play happens to fall into a certain category there exists the potential for you to be mistakenly identified as an automatic player.

        So what is this style of play and how do we avoid getting flagged for playing that way? You see in games like traditional Jacks or Better Video Poker, some people who are a lot smarter than me have figured out a strategy that can beat the game in the long run. It's a very slim margin of profitability but it does exist. Online casinos are obviously aware of this margin but they also know that most people don't have the patience or the knowledge to play perfect strategy for the hours on end that it would take to make it profitable. However, online casinos are also aware that if an automated system or robotic player were to be used in place of the real player, it could spell real trouble for the casinos bottom line. 

     Since casinos aren't in the business of losing money, they have put in place "aggressive" measures in place to identify potential robots and/or automated systems and deal with them in any way they see fit. In my experience how the casino deals with suspected automated players is to simply pull the "Lose Switch". This is my second mention of the "Lose Switch" and I should define what I mean by it for those who haven't figured it out. If you've played in online casinos for any length of time then you will have surely run into unusually long losing streaks at some point. These losing streaks occur naturally to be sure and are something that players just have to deal with. It's the cost of doing business so to speak. However, I believe online casinos have built in the ability to cause unnatural losing streaks when they feel a robotic player or automated system is being used. In other words if you get flagged, you are f'd. You will not win any money in that particular session at the casino.

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     So what can we do to avoid getting flagged? What can we do if we get flagged? Well, I believe that  I have discovered 2 ways in which you will get flagged for automatic play. The first way you will get flagged or be labeled a robotic player is simply by playing too fast! I am not bragging here but I am capable of playing sound strategy very quickly and I have been flagged many times for doing so. I recognize that a lot of what I'm saying may cause you pause which is why I suggest you test, test, test. Testing only works on the real money games as the play games for most online casinos are deliberately loose. However, the nickel machines where you can play 1 nickel at a time are a great place to try the "speed test." I have confidence that you will notice rather quickly the "Lose Switch" being pulled! The second way you will be labeled a robot is by playing too long. If you stay logged in and playing an online slot game or video poker game for too long you will be flagged for automatic play. This one is a little harder to test because each casino can have different lengths of time before you get flagged, but this flag is easy to recognize. Simply log off after a long losing spell on that nickel slot. If when you go to log off you notice you're already logged off, then you know you've been flagged!

    Fortunately, due to countless hours playing in online casinos, I have figured out some easy counter measures to "reset" the online casino's flag. The first countermeasure for virtually all flags is to login in and out frequently while clearing cookies. This clears all past info and you are basically starting anew. Rather simple I know but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I assure you that if you are in the midst of a bad run, giving this a shot can only help. In addition to logging out and clearing cookies you might want to wait about 5 to 10 minutes before logging back in. This can be kind of a pain in the butt, but you probably could use a little break anyway after a long losing streak. You can refresh your mind. The second countermeasure to casino flagging is to avoid being flagged in the first place by "slowing down your play". Staggering the amount of time between hands or spins as to not look too methodical will go a long way in avoiding the flag. Try using 2 second intervals between hands or spins for a bit and then wait about 30 seconds before playing the next hand or spin. I can't tell you how many times I have hit a decent hand after waiting that 30 seconds between plays. This is definitely something I think you will notice in your play. This one has worked wonders for me in Video Poker.

Quick recap of part 1

1. Don't play too long in any 1 session....30 minutes tops......then you must logout, clear cookies, and log back in. If at any time during your session you hit a bad run of hands, maybe 7 or 8 losses in a row then you must re login. You will start to notice instinctively when you have hit the "wall" and that it's time to reset.

2. Stagger the time in between playing individual hands. Every so often stop and wait 30 seconds or so between hands. Again, you will start to notice hitting good hands after doing this for a while.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greyhound Handicapping Software Example

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  Daytona Beach Handicapping Example - Using The QuickDog Software

     Ok, so you have the software downloaded and you're ready to set it up. For the initial setup I'll just use 1 image to make sure we have the correct software and we'll assume we can get the basics done without much imagery. I'll attempt to list things in steps so that if questions are asked they can be referred to by a step number. O.K. here's what the software should look like after a little tweaking. Don't worry if you don't see this screen yet.

Also Some Important Notes For This Example...

**Left Click Images To See Them Clearly**

**Get Used To Right Clicking When You Think You're Stuck In This Piece Of Software**

**All Numbers Like 1/34/78/All Are By Rankings And Not The Actual Number Of The Dog**

1)   The first thing that we'll do when setting up the software is to answer a series of "Interview" questions that are designed to configure certain details of how you'd like to handicap races. We're going to keep this simple by answering all questions with "Auto" There are 12 questions that need to be answered and the software will guide you through it upon initial setup.

2)    The Next thing we're going to need to do is download "Historical Data" for "Daytona Beach" Racetrack. Let's download 6 months worth and call it good. You should be able to find that tab as it's very prominent and a part of the initial setup process.

3)    Once we have the "Historical Data" downloaded we're going to need to download "Recent Programs and Charts" The first time through you're going to need to highlight and select "Daytona Beach" as the track you wish to get the recent info from. The tab text will turn yellow indicating it's turned on.

4)    Hit the "Continue" button after Daytona Beach racetrack is selected. Now you will be asked how many programs back and how many programs forward you'd like to download. Since we just downloaded the historical data we are very up to date. We should just select 2 and 2 for these selections. I always like to overdue it by one just to make sure there are no gaps in my data. You will understand this the more you use the software.

5)    You might have to wait a little bit (a minute or 2) for this step to complete and you will see a lot of boxes popup. Just ignore them until it's complete. When it's all done we are ready to go. Hit the "Handicap Now With QuickDog" tab and you'll see the following screen.


6)      Click on "Daytona Beach" from the image above. Your software copy should only have the Daytona selection as you only downloaded Daytona's historical information. The same process can be applied to each individual track that you want to handicap. As you can see, I have done that for all the Tracks listed in the bars. We however are sticking with just "Daytona Beach" for now.


7)    Select "Race Card List" from above image. It's at the very bottom of the screen.


8)    Select the very next race scheduled to run!! For me it's the afternoon program on 11/25/2016. Tracks highlighted in yellow mean their results haven't been added to the database yet. You may notice that some older races haven't been processed yet in my software. That's O.K. for our purposes, but if you wanted to get those results you would need to close and reopen the software, then navigate to step 4 and select 7 days back for program downloads. You will understand things better the more you play with the software.


8a)  You will be taken to the next screen which will look like the above. Then we will want to click on "File" and then "Set Track Profile Folders" from the drop down menu.


8b)  The next screen will look like this. We want to create a "Track Profile" for Daytona Beach so that we can save that Tracks particular handicapping information within it. We will do this for every individual track. Simply type in a name for Daytona Beach. It can be anything you want but obviously should indicate that it's Daytona Beach. I have typed in "daytona1". Then click enter and "right click" to go back to previous screen.


8c)  The next screen should look like this. The very first line on top is something you're going to always want to look at moving forward. ***The line that reads DB201161125a is your selected program's date and DAYTONA1\DBClASS references the profile that you just created. It's very important to have the correct profile selected because your handicapping information for Daytona Beach is stored in here!! If you have some other track profile or the default profile selected, then all of your results will be incorrect!! It's very easy to make that mistake when toggling through different tracks. One thing I do before making my bets is run the "wager test" to make sure my picks are correct. Your test results should match up with your initial results and show your profitable combos. If your combos are suddenly not profitable after running a wager test, then you know something is wrong!!***

     Another note:    To choose different profiles or to create new ones you must go back to the screen shown in 8b. Left clicking the box that should now say TP_Daytona1 will bring up all of the different profiles that exist. As you create more you will be able to select them here.


9a)  Now Select "Handicapping Tools" then "Knife Adapted Method" from the drop down. We are selecting this style of handicapping for it's speed of use. The Morgan Method is the most complete and accurate but takes a while to complete.


9b)    The Next thing we need to do is set how we list our dogs. By default the dogs are simply listed by their "Post" number. This is no good and we need to change that. This is done by clicking the button that says "Post" in the top right corner.


9c)  You will see a new menu appear and you will want to select "Rank" or "Score". Either one will be on the far right of the new menu. We are listing our dogs in the order they are ranked by our handicapping system. ***It is "Very Important" to always make sure this is done before placing our bets***. I have had this tab set to options other than rank or score when placing my bets and it didn't work out too well. :))


10) Select "Handicapping Tools" from top left then select "SuperTune Track Profile" from drop down menu.


11) Click "Clear All Profiles For This Track" then click "I Want To" on the popup. We are just clearing any previous handicapping data that might be stored in our settings. You should see all values go to 1 after this is done.


12)   Click "Continue Here With SuperTune" to bring up the green popup menu which you will set with the value of "2" for precision and "F" for wager 1 - win percentage. Once those settings are set Click SuperTune.


13)  After clicking you should see this screen. You will need to set your screen variables exactly like I have mine. Use Performance All....Use Distance All.....Use Grade All....No. Races 1,500.....Most Recent to Oldest Program File...SuperTune Algorithm Highest to Lowest....Format Normal...Method A1. Then go down to your pick box and set it up like I have mine again. 12/34/78/All ***all numbers are rankings and not numbers of dogs*** for a 10 cent Superfecta. The bet will total $4.00. When done hit "Analyze".


14)  When done the Screen will look like this with the top lines being yellow. Right Click and you are handicapped for Daytona Beach!!


15)   It's time to run a simulation on our handicapping technique to see how it's done over a particular period of time. Select "Wager Testing" and then "Run Multiple Wager Test" to go to next screen.


16)  On this screen set all the settings like I have once again. That is All...All...All...1,500...Most Recent to Oldest Program File...Wager#.  Set the Wager to 12/34/78/All. This is a 10 cent base superfecta totaling $4.00. Hit Analyze and the software will show you how your handicapping system did over the last 1,500 races. As you can see had you played the combo of 12/34/78/All over the last 1,497 races you would have profited a total of $906.09. The BR stands for BankRoll. You would have needed funds of $246.54 to accomplish this and you would have won 3.8% of your wagers. Your overall Return On Investment would have been 15.1%. 

     The overall results of this particular example are really quite modest. I have run a handicapping test where I've seen upwards of 70% ROI!! This was just thrown together quite quickly to get you started with the software. As you play around with it you will see it's potential. You may have noticed that my wager boxes were full on image 16 with combos like 1/2/7 and 1/2/8. I manually added every single trifecta combination to those boxes. I did this so that when I finish a handicapping test, I can see how combinations other than my main test combo have performed. I highly suggest you do this as well for it will give you "Extra Winning Combinations" that you can play besides your main test combo. 
     For example we know that our main combo of 12/34/78/All profited $906 and won 3.8% of the time. Well, as it turns out the $1 base trifecta 1/34/34 would have profited $1,698 with a 1.5% win percentage and a 64.7% ROI. That is quite nice for a paltry $2 bet. More importantly though is that it gives you a higher strike rate which is important for your mental state of mind. It's hard sometimes to wait around to win a bet when that bet only hits 3.8% of the time. 
Well, that's it for me and I hope you can understand most of this. This is my very first attempt at teaching this to anyone so forgive me if it's a bit sloppy. If any of you have any questions please, please comment below.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Intro to Greyhound Racing Software

  Can I Show You How To Make  Consistent Profits Using The Exact Same Greyhound Racing Software That I Use? We'll See!

      O.K continuing on from my previous post   Can I Make A Living Betting Greyhounds  here is the software that I use to profit from the Greyhound Track. It's the very best handicapping software I've found and it's called QuickDog!! Here's a link to the free 30 day trial version. Greyhound Handicapping Software Free Trial. You can visit there homepage with the link I just provided. You will see that QuickReckoning also offers a Horse handicapping software but for our purposes we're gonna stick with the greyhound software. The main reason I stick with greyhound racing is because there's normally only 8 dogs max to a race and no jockey to figure into the equation. Since I like to play trifectas, a field of 8 dogs offers me a better chance of winning than a field of 10-14 horses.
        O.K. so if you want to use the same software I use to make profits at the racetrack, you're gonna need to download it. The Software costs $88 dollars a year but there is a 30 day Free Trial that will give you ample time to decide whether the software is for you or not. It's important to note that I am receiving no commission for referring you to this software. I use this software myself and my main goal is to get you winning at the track so that you make bets on a consistent basis. I am affiliated with the racetracks through Betamerica and I can tell you that racetracks don't make money by people losing bets, they make money by people betting period. Because tracks take a percentage of all bets made they have no interest in who wins. When placing bets at a track you're not betting against the house, you're betting against other people. This makes race betting one of the best and potentially most profitable forms of gambling available. It also means that if I can teach you how to use this software to win consistently then I can make consistent profits just by you betting. It really could be a win win for everyone. It also answers the question of why I'm sharing my knowledge of a winning system. :))   I guess we'll have to see how it goes?? O.K. so let's get setup today. Take a look at this introduction video to the Quickdogs software. The Video needs to be downloaded to be viewed F.Y.I.

Quickdog Intro

 Quickdog Racing Software

      Once you've taken a look at the video head on over to the Greyhound Handicapping Software Site. The link I'm providing leads to the Dog Racing Software Section and there's a 30 day free trial of the software. Once you've downloaded the software, you're gonna want to play around with it for a couple of days. There's a lot to it and it will benefit a great deal if you are familiar with racing terminology. In fact this software is not really recommended for newbies, but if you're a quick learner you should be able to handle it.

      O.K. at some point you're gonna want to head over and sign up at *Betamerica*



If you don't have an address in one of these states or at least an address you can claim, you will not be able to bet on greyhounds at any online race betting site including Betamerica. You can still have a bank account in which you fund and withdraw to and from in the state you live in, but you will need a mailing address in a legal state. Wink,'s pretty easy to work around this as the betting sites themselves will probably want to believe any address you give them and they won't be too concerned about verifying it. :)

Anyhow right now BETAMERICA is offering a 100% match up to $100
and You should at least signup to make sure you don't miss out on that offer. The offer has recently dropped from 200% up to $400 down to 100% up to $100 so you may want to take advantage of the signup offer before it disappears all together!! Once you get signed up you can just sit on the bankroll until you're ready to give it a go and of course you should familiarize yourself with Betamerica's betting platform so that you're ready to go once you've dialed in your Quickdogs Software. You Can Obviously Wait On This Part, I'm Just Throwing It Out There In Case You Wanted To Familiarize Yourself With Betamerica's Betting Interface.

Setting Up The Greyhound Handicapping Software

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Can I Make a Living Betting Greyhounds?

Can You Make A Living Betting Greyhounds?

      Before we get into showing you my exact method for betting greyhounds, I would like to address the question above and give you a little information about race betting. This is a question that comes up often when I'm discussing racing with anyone new or unfamiliar with it. People generally are either really skeptical that's it's possible or incredibly eager to get started on what they think will be a journey to easy money. The conversation usually ends up being very revealing to the type of personality I'm dealing with, but that's another story. For the purposes of this exercise, I will just say that the short answer to the question "Can I Make a Living Betting Horses & Greyhounds is "Yes" you can.

     You see, the difference between betting on races and most all other forms of wagering is that when betting on races you're not betting against the house.The racetracks, unlike the casinos or sportsbooks to a degree, have zero concern about whether you win or lose. You see, racetracks take in a percentage of all wagers handled each day and to them the most important thing is that people keep betting. The more money that is wagered each day is what improves a track's bottom line. It's called a parimutuel betting system and it means simply that you're betting against other people and not the house. With the house out of the equation, you just have to be better than the other guys at picking your horses or greyhounds. It really is the best form of wagering! Just like poker you have people that are quite good at it and even some who have made incredibly successful careers out of it.
     Now, just because it's possible does not mean it's easy. Anybody that's made a living out of it will tell you that they've put in thousands of hours studying, testing and losing a lot of money along the way. This is also the reason why none of them are going to be very forward with how they go about winning on a regular basis. Also, if these pros do decide to share their information you can bet they're going to charge good money for it. I mean how much would information that could get you out of your day job be worth to you? My guess is alot?

    Well, I'm not a pro but I have made my share of money at the track. I've put in countless hours over the years studying racing programs and tracking results. However, it wasn't until I found a vital piece of software that I was able to turn a corner. No longer was I looking for a system or trying to build a system, because the software was a system in and of itself. Now all I have to do is punch in some numbers to build a particular style of handicapping, then take those results and pluck the winning combos and ditch the losers.

        Anyway because racing isn't scalable, meaning you can't bet more to make more, I've decided to share the software and a little example of how I use the software. Also, I want to share this information with you because I want you to sign up at tracks using the affiliate links on my site and I want you to win!  That's right!! As I mentioned, the track gets paid win or lose and would prefer people win as often as possible so that they bet as often as possible. Since I am affiliated with these tracks it is also in my best interest if you win as often as possible. My commissions are structured on how much you bet, not how much you lose. So I hope you can appreciate my straightforwardness and trust that I Want You To Win!

      I'm going to hold off a bit for now before sharing my example of how I started making profits at the racetrack and the software that I used. I'm tired and I need some sleep, but be sure and look for the example in the coming days!!

                                                           Peace Out, Lisa

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