Monday, January 29, 2018

Online Casino Glitch - Part 2

Online Casino Software Glitch?

      A few of you, to my surprise, have requested I post part 2 of   my online casino glitch story. Being the accommodating girl that I am, I have decided to satiate you fellows. (Satiate is my word of the day and I hope I used it correctly? Please let me know if I didn't:))
    Anyway, as I mentioned before I have spent many a   late night and early morning playing in online casinos. This as led me to discover what I believe to be Online Casino Glitch. Back in the day the bonus hunting was good and I would bounce around many a venue exploiting their generous offers. As you can imagine, with that amount of playing time and with my mind being the analytical sort, I picked up on a few patterns that seemed to frequent to be a coincidence. 
      On top of my conclusion that online casino software looks for and subsequently deals with what it thinks are robotic players, there was something else that I seemed to notice over time. Each Individual session seemed to have at least one point where you would be ahead of the game. 
      It's like this. If you freshly logged in with cleared cookies and a cleared history with X amount of dollars, then at some point in that session you would be x dollars +  any amount. I noticed time and time again after a losing session that if I had just stopped at a certain point in the game I would have been ahead. "O.K. great, so I can make .10 cents and quit? So what right?" is what I thought to myself at the time. However with each passing day and with each new session I started to see the same thing over and over. 

    My mind naturally started to think about the possibilities and started to test some things out. Sure enough, that as I would log out clear cookies and log back in, I would usually but not always have a point in that session where I was ahead. In the sessions where I wouldn't get ahead, there was always a point where I would rally back to get close to even. On average I was able to have a winning session about 3 out of 4 times. If you can have 3 sessions where you win just 1 unit each and then 1 losing session where you lose just 1 unit your making money. The trick is knowing when to stop on both the winning and losing sessions. On a winning session you must never go below what you started the session with. If you start with $100 and get to any amount over that $100 you should keep playing as long as the next bet doesn't put you below the initial $100. The losing sessions are trickier because you have to gauge your comebacks. All I will say on this is that with practice you will start to see when a good time to stop is. 
      O.K. so you're probably thinking that if all of these things work like I say they do then I must have made a fortune by now right? Well, yes and no. You see it takes an incredible amount of discipline to recognize and execute all of the things that I have been talking about. It also requires a lot of time and patience for what sometimes is a very small profit. 
      Sadly for me none of these traits are strengths of mine, and therefore I seldom put in the "Grind" neccessary to make this work. I usually start off with this method doing really well, but eventually succumb to my impatience. I'll be up maybe 40 or 50 bucks using this method and then a session will hit where I get either too pissed off or too lazy to refresh cookies. I will then proceed to lose all my profits by "playing to fast" not "staggering the time between bets" and "Not refreshing cookies". You know, all of the things that I told you to do to improve your chances? :((
      O.K. so I have shared somethings that I believe to be small little glitches in online casino software. I know from personal experience that they can work with patience and discipline. If you are willing to do "The Grind" and stay tough during the process then I'm sure you'll find my advice useful. 

Good Luck, Lisa 

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