Sunday, January 28, 2018

Casino Software Glitch?

Online Casino Glitches, Do They Exist?

O.K. to be clear this isn't some sort of a cheat that's going to make the slot machines drop out cash and it's not going to change your balance from a dollar to a million dollars. What it will do if executed properly is keep online casinos from pulling the "Lose Switch" on you, thereby giving you a better chance of hitting a jackpot. You see, it is my opinion based on thousands of hours of play and observation that there is a Glitch In Online Casino Software. I believe that online casinos have a flagging system for recognizing automatic play or robots and that you need to play in a certain way to avoid being flagged. You might be thinking to yourself right now "why would I be flagged for automatic play if  I'm not using some sort of an automatic system?" The answer is that because online casinos have to be ultra careful with all of the hackers and cheats that exist in today's online world, you may get flagged mistakenly. Yes that's right! I believe if your style of play happens to fall into a certain category there exists the potential for you to be mistakenly identified as an automatic player.

So what is this style of play and how do we avoid getting flagged for playing that way? You see in games like traditional Jacks or Better Video Poker, some people who are a lot smarter than me have figured out a strategy that can beat the game in the long run. It's a very slim margin of profitability but it does exist. Online casinos are obviously aware of this margin but they also know that most people don't have the patience or the knowledge to play perfect strategy for the hours on end that it would take to make it profitable. However, online casinos are also aware that if an automated system or robotic player were to be used in place of the real player, it could spell real trouble for the casinos bottom line.

Since casinos aren't in the business of losing money, they have put in place "aggressive" measures in place to identify potential robots and/or automated systems and deal with them in any way they see fit. In my experience how the casino deals with suspected automated players is to simply pull the "Lose Switch". This is my second mention of the "Lose Switch" and I should define what I mean by it for those who haven't figured it out. If you've played in online casinos for any length of time then you will have surely run into unusually long losing streaks at some point. These losing streaks occur naturally to be sure and are something that players just have to deal with. It's the cost of doing business so to speak. However, I believe online casinos have built in the ability to cause unnatural losing streaks when they feel a robotic player or automated system is being used. In other words if you get flagged, you are f'd. You will not win any money in that particular session at the casino.

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So what can we do to avoid getting flagged? What can we do if we get flagged? Well, I believe that  I have discovered 2 ways in which you will get flagged for automatic play. The first way you will get flagged or be labeled a robotic player is simply by playing too fast! I am not bragging here but I am capable of playing sound strategy very quickly and I have been flagged many times for doing so. I recognize that a lot of what I'm saying may cause you pause which is why I suggest you test, test, test. Testing only works on the real money games as the play games for most online casinos are deliberately loose. However, the nickel machines where you can play 1 nickel at a time are a great place to try the "speed test." I have confidence that you will notice rather quickly the "Lose Switch" being pulled! The second way you will be labeled a robot is by playing too long. If you stay logged in and playing an online slot game or video poker game for too long you will be flagged for automatic play. This one is a little harder to test because each casino can have different lengths of time before you get flagged, but this flag is easy to recognize. Simply log off after a long losing spell on that nickel slot. If when you go to log off you notice you're already logged off, then you know you've been flagged!

Fortunately, due to countless hours playing in online casinos, I have figured out some easy counter measures to "reset" the online casino's flag. The first countermeasure for virtually all flags is to login in and out frequently while clearing cookies. This clears all past info and you are basically starting anew. Rather simple I know but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I assure you that if you are in the midst of a bad run, giving this a shot can only help. In addition to logging out and clearing cookies you might want to wait about 5 to 10 minutes before logging back in. This can be kind of a pain in the butt, but you probably could use a little break anyway after a long losing streak. You can refresh your mind. The second countermeasure to casino flagging is to avoid being flagged in the first place by "slowing down your play". Staggering the amount of time between hands or spins as to not look too methodical will go a long way in avoiding the flag. Try using 2 second intervals between hands or spins for a bit and then wait about 30 seconds before playing the next hand or spin. I can't tell you how many times I have hit a decent hand after waiting that 30 seconds between plays. This is definitely something I think you will notice in your play. This one has worked wonders for me in Video Poker.

1. Don't play too long in any 1 session....30 minutes tops......then you must logout, clear cookies, and log back in. If at any time during your session you hit a bad run of hands, maybe 7 or 8 losses in a row then you must re login. You will start to notice instinctively when you have hit the "wall" and that it's time to reset.

2. Stagger the time in between playing individual hands. Every so often stop and wait 30 seconds or so between hands. Again, you will start to notice hitting good hands after doing this for a while.

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