Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Betting on Greyhound Races | Handicapping Greyhound Races

Can I Make a Living Betting on Greyhound Races? How to Handicap Greyhounds

Before we get into showing you my exact method for betting greyhounds, I would like to address the question above and give you a little information about race betting. This is a question that comes up often when I'm discussing racing with anyone new or unfamiliar with it. People generally are either really skeptical that's it's possible or incredibly eager to get started on what they think will be a journey to easy money. The conversation usually ends up being very revealing to the type of personality I'm dealing with, but that's another story. For the purposes of this exercise, I will just say that the short answer to the question "Can I Make a Living Betting on Greyhound Races is "Yes" you can.
You see, the difference between betting on races and most all other forms of wagering is that when betting on races you're not betting against the house.The racetracks, unlike the casinos or sports books to a degree, have zero concern about whether you win or lose. You see, racetracks take in a percentage of all wagers handled each day and to them the most important thing is that people keep betting. The more money that is wagered each day is what improves a track's bottom line. It's called a parimutuel betting system and it means simply that you're betting against other people and not the house. With the house out of the equation, you just have to be better than the other guys at picking your horses or greyhounds. It really is the best form of wagering! Just like poker you have people that are quite good at it and even some who have made incredibly successful careers out of it.
Now, just because it's possible does not mean it's easy. Anybody that's made a living out of it will tell you that they've put in thousands of hours studying, testing and losing a lot of money along the way. This is also the reason why none of them are going to be very forward with how they go about winning on a regular basis. Also, if these pros do decide to share their information you can bet they're going to charge good money for it. I mean how much would information that could get you out of your day job be worth to you? My guess is alot?
Well, I'm not a pro but I have made my share of money at the track. I've put in countless hours over the years studying racing programs and tracking results. However, it wasn't until I found a vital piece of software that I was able to turn a corner. No longer was I looking for a system or trying to build a system, because the software was a system in and of itself. Now all I have to do is punch in some numbers to build a particular style of handicapping, then take those results and pluck the winning combos and ditch the losers.
Anyway because racing isn't scalable, meaning you can't bet more to make more, I've decided to share the software and a little example of how I use the software. Also, I want to share this information with you because I want you to sign up at tracks using the affiliate links on my site and I want you to win! That's right!! As I mentioned, the track gets paid win or lose and would prefer people win as often as possible so that they bet as often as possible. Since I am affiliated with these tracks it is also in my best interest if you win as often as possible. My commissions are structured on how much you bet, not how much you lose. So I hope you can appreciate my straightforwardness and trust that I Want You To Win!
O.K. so now hopefully, I've convinced you that you can make a living betting on greyhound races and that using a piece of software for handicapping greyhound races is the best way to go about it. Assuming you do understand those things, you should be ready for me to reveal this mysterious handicapping software and my methods for handicapping greyhound races. Well, like I said earlier in this post. The handicapping software is the method. Once you learn how to use it and understand it's power you will naturally understand how to profit from it's use. Handicapping greyhounds is literally just a couple of clicks. So, without further adieu let's check this handicapping software out!