Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Online Casino Roulette Strategy - Video


Club World Casinos

     Roulette is a game that many feel can be beat. There have been countless strategies devised for roulette and the game itself is as old as time. I have added a couple of roulette strategy videos as well as a few roulette casino bonuses to get you started. If you have the time I have posted 3 seperate articles on what I feel are almost like glitches in online casino software. The articles are simply based on my many hours playing in online casinos over the years. You don't spend as much time as I have playing without noticing a few patterns along the way. I doubt my glitches will make you rich, but they will certainly extend your playing time. Anyone who knows the first thing about statistics will tell you that more playing time equates to a greater chance of hitting a Jackpot!! Below is a link to the first of my 3 online casino glitch articles. Good Luck!