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Reviews of Current Betting Systems Based on Sales Volume and Returns

      Recently, when researching new betting systems, a thought crossed my mind. " Is there any way to figure a betting system's legitimacy without buying it and trying it for yourself  or without reading a potentially biased review? ". Time is of the essence when managing a blog and I simply needed a quicker way of evaluating products without sacrificing the integrity of my information. It didn't take long for me to think of a somewhat ironic solution. Numbers are and have always been impartial to human opinion. Therefore, numbers would be my unbiased, speedy fix to this problem. Numbers are the foundation of most betting systems and numbers would be the foundation of my Betting System Assessment. Ironic isn't it?
   So what numbers are we going to use to assess our new betting systems without cracking them open or reading someone else's opinion? Well, sales numbers of course! Experts have been using sales numbers to evaluate a product's worth for years. Our whole economy is based on buying and selling. If a stock price can be calculated using fairly simple sales numbers then I can surely evaluate a product's general worthiness using a similar method?
   Obviously when dealing with new betting systems or products of this nature, you'll want to analyze volume and returns. A high volume number is good and necessary to obtain enough data for our evaluation. Also a high volume of sales indicates a large enough betting market to sustain the system. A low return percentage is good and when coupled with high volume represents the best available scenario. A low return number also means the system is either working or the person who bought the system doesn't care about money. I'm going to bet the former on that one. :) The Sales Volume Number will be represented by a number 1 - 10. The Returns Number will be represented by a simple percentage.

Horse Betting Systems


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Sales Volume: 5    Return: 3.6%
Overall: 1.38
Skill Level: Newbie/Get Picks Beforehand

     Racing Expert has a great low return percentage!! However, the sales volume is a little low which could mean they're approaching saturation. The volume is nothing to be too concerned about but I wouldn't wait too long to get in on this one. This system is a very basic hands off system with a simple 3 step process of opening your email, placing bets, and cashing out. Sounds perfect for a Newbie!!! This is a monthly subscription service and of course it's fully guaranteed for 60 days.

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Sales Volume: 4     Return: 16%
Overall: .25
Skill Level: Newbie/Receive Picks in Mail

     Well, only my 2nd sales numbers review ever and I've found one I don't like!! That's actually a good thing as we know life isn't all Peaches and Cream. The problem here is obviously the Returns. 16% isn't an astronomical number by any stretch of the imagination, especially for a betting system product. However, there are much, much better options available to us so we're going to pass on this one. It's a 50 pound a race betting system and the creator offers a nice guarantee. IF I HAVE MY FIRST LOSING MONTH DURING YOUR MEMBERSHIP I WILL DOUBLE THE LENGTH OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP FREE OF CHARGE. I'm guessing he came up with that guarantee after a recent bad run with his system and some returns?? Of course, the last thing you'd want after purchasing a losing membership is more of the same membership right?? Well, since things can change quickly with betting systems I'll leave the link up, but my recommendation is firmly set to "No Dice" :)  

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Sales Volume: 6 (trending up)     Return: 5.7%
Overall: 1.05
Skill Level: Newbie

     This was the Hottest Racing System going a couple of months back and I tried to get in but I was locked out. They closed their doors to new memberships to protect against saturation. Upon visiting the site it appears they might be opening the doors again soon. 5 bets per day, 6 days per week, £7 profit every week. You may not be excited about £7 a week, but with a similarly small investment to make that £7 I'm all over it. :) Just imagine a bunch of small little streams of income like that all on autopilot? Good lord I sound like an infomercial, but it's true! With a good volume to return ratio I'll be looking to signup myself for this one. 

Sales Volume: 6     Returns: 5.2%
Overall: 1.15
Skill Level: All Levels

    Betting Gods is almost a carbon copy of The ZCode System, but it doesn't have the long track record or the software of  ZCode. Betting Gods relies more heavily on the Expert Tipsters for it's picks. I must say upon initial review I wasn't a big fan of  Betting Gods. It wasn't until I closely examined their sales numbers, that my position towards them changed. Betting Gods overall sales are at an all time high while returns are close to their all time low.  You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out what that means. It means that even though Betting Gods might not be in line with my personal preferences, it clearly is the real deal.